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  1. krainey

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    It's getting close, but it's not too late to get some great last-minute deals for spending Christmas in Las Vegas. Although New Years is incredibly busy along the Strip, Christmas is traditionally quieter, and it's much easier to find affordable package deals to stay here—plus, it's beautiful to see the city over the holidays.

    Check out our Las Vegas promo codes if you're looking for deals, or pass along your tips for the best place to celebrate Christmas in Las Vegas. Happy holidays!
  2. mitraveler

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    My coworker is heading to Las Vegas next week. She found some really great deals for the week before Christmas. So if you can get some time off for next week, I bet you can find a great promo code for a great deal!
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    Las Vegas in Christmas

    I usually go to Vegas at Christmas for that exact reason..fewer crowds and deals aplenty. I always leave before NYE, but I often wondered about staying through New Year's but Im oretty sure Vegas will be an absolute madhouse on NYE so it would be smart to get out of town.
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    check Vegas hotel rates

    I have already booked tickets for new years eve and new years in Vegas, and you will still find good deals on hotels right now. I suggest you check out rates for Barbary Coast first, then maybe Flamingo and Bally's. These places are on great locations on the strip and offer normally good rates throughout the year.

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