Las Vegas helicopter tour worth it?

Discussion in 'Las Vegas Trip Reports' started by popthetrse, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. popthetrse

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    Hi, guys! Has anyone done one of the Las Vegas helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon? Any particularly good or bad experiences? Companies you would recommend? Thanks for any guidance you can give me. We don't have much time to drive, but we would love to see the Grand Canyon.
  2. Ruby

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    A tour of the grand canyon on a helicopter is one of the must to do in Vegas as you get incredible views. Honestly, there isn't a better way of seeing the Canyon and you will feel as you are part of it!

    Another really cool part of a helicopter tour is that as you leave the Rim and fly into the gap, you get to see the Painted Desert which is an added bonus. Also, do bring lots of memory cards for your camera because you'll be snapping pictures like mad.

    Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters and Sundance Helicopters are two of the Las Vegas Helicopter tour companies
  3. Stoneyishot

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    Definitely a must.... Especially if you have never been in a helicopter.... You can't go to Vegas without seeing The Canyon... When I did the tour, I also got to see the strip in the day as we were coming in to land. I was told as well as saw pictures of the helicopter tour at night of the strip, it is so much cheaper and its nice to get an idea of where everything is.... I even got to see the Mirage Volcano Show :)
  4. Angelas

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    helicopter tour from the Grand Canyon Airport

    Seeing the grand canyon from above on helicopter is an awesome experience so, yeah, it's worth it 100%.

    Helicopter tours costs around $100, though one thing to remember is that if you take a helicopter from Las Vegas, they won't take you to the most impressive part of the Grand Canyon National Park, but to the "West Rim", which is the Hualapai Indian Reservation. This is also part of the Grand Canyon but not as awesome.
    My advice is to take the helicopter tour from the Grand Canyon Airport at South Rim, instead of Vegas.
  5. LVrealestateHELP

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    I have never done the Grand Canyon but I bet a helicopter ride out there would be amazing. The Grand Canyon is breath taking even standing on the ground so I can imagine what it would look like up there.

    The helicopter rides on the Strip are pretty cool. As a Las Vegas Native I enjoy seeing parts of my city that I can not normally see driving down the street.

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