Las Vegas High Roller wheel officially lit up

Discussion in 'Other Las Vegas Topics' started by BertyJones, Mar 10, 2014.

  1. BertyJones

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    Las Vegas High Roller is already the tallest observation wheel in the world, standing at 550-feet. The High Roller was officially lit for the first time a few days ago with an amazing light show. The Las Vegas Ferris Wheel can host up to 40 people in each of its capsules and will be opening to the public later this year, most likely just before Christmas.
  2. Vicolette

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    I thought it was scheduled to open in March of this year but I see it's still in TBA mode. It's definitely going to be a wild ride at 550 feet. It outdoes the former tallest wheel in the world, the Singapore Flyer by a mere 9 feet and the London Eye by 107 feet.
  3. Images345

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    yes this is annoying that it is TBA still. By now, an official date should have been set. Oh well, i guess we just have to be patient and be happy with just looking at it (the wheel can be seen from all over Las Vegas). The wheel will certainly bring a much needed business boost to the local economy.
  4. wanderer

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    The High Roller is open and operating! It's a part of the LINQ/b] development. The cost seems a little high to me, $24.95 during the day and $34.95 at night. Of course, you can't beat the views, so it's probably worth it!

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