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Discussion in 'Las Vegas Trip Reports' started by Lorraine25, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Lorraine25

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    We are planning a vacation to LV in May. I've been online looking at hotels. When are hotel specials posted for May? And how early should I make hotel reservations? Also, what is the weather like in LV in early May? One more question: The day trips to the Grand Canyon....there are two. Which one would be better. It seems both are very long day trips. Thank You.
  2. VegasCandy

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    The Grand Canyon in one day with the Helicopter or a plane that would be okay, but I wouldn't do that with the car.

    For best Hotel rate check the promos in March.

    We will be also in May in Vegas, and we have allready booked the Hotel's. It's no problem to cancel the Hotel room's if you find a cheaper rate, till 48 hour's earlier.

    The weather in May is great. It's not too hot, but it's very nice warm weather.

    You will have fun

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