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Discussion in 'Las Vegas Weddings' started by everyann, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. everyann

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    So, if you're thinking about getting married in the late night hours in Las Vegas, you'll have to wait until the marriage license bureau opens at 8am. The county government says due to budget issues they'll no longer be able to offer its services after midnight. The marriage license bureau in Las Vegas will, however, remain open 7days a week from 8 a.m. to midnight. These new hours will begin next week.
  2. VegasEd

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    Who is drunk enough to get married BEFORE midnight? Paris and Britney will veryyy disappointed, as will Tara Reid and Lindsay Lohan (who are sooo due for something like that anyday...)


  3. everyann

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    Ha, yes...Britney Spears was one of the few who did get married in the wee hours but that got annulled in two days! I believe that's one of the fastest marriages ever! Though, I do believe there was some celebrity got their marriage undone within hours....saw it on VH1 or something. Can't recall who but I guess those celebrities will just have to get their party started a bit earlier than midnight if they have a sudden urge to get married.

    On another note, some of the officials say that there really isn't much demand for marriage licenses during those hours.
  4. joe

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    If I get married it will most definitely be after midnight so I guess Vegas is out.
  5. VegasEd

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    no, are going about it all wrong....DO get married after 12a...but dont tell your "spouse" it was completely off the record and didnt count until the next day/week/!

  6. everyann

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    haha that's harsh...but wouldn't she notice that she didn't sign anything until the next day? I've never been married but for the law to recognize that you are, in fact, a "married" couple you need that paper, right? *Maybe* it can be a bonus if it doesn't count because if you sober up and realize it wasn't right then it wouldn't have been a total loss.

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