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    There's a new attraction coming to Vegas in 2012: The Mob Museum, whose full name is the National Museum of Organized Crime & Law Enforcement, is opening on February 14. It focuses on the history of organized crime in the US, particularly in Las Vegas, with a lot of cool interactive exhibits about the mob members and law enforcement figures who were important to the events.

    The Mob Museum in Las Vegas is in the building that housed a federal courthouse where the Kefauver Committee hearings on organized crime were held in the early 1950s, so even its location is historic. It looks like this will be a great addition to the already long list of fun things to do in Las Vegas.

    For information about its location, ticket prices, hours, etc., check out the Las Vegas Mob Museum page, where you can also get more details on the FBI's role in fighting organized crime and the historical figures involved on both sides, such as Carlo Gambino and Eliot Ness.

    (Just to clarify for anyone who's curious, this is different than the Las Vegas Mob Experience at the Tropicana, which is still open but filed for bankruptcy protection in October.)
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    Las Vegas Mob Museum history

    it was about time they opened such museum. Las Vegas and the world of organized crime has been always connected and most people have been known this for decades. was a well-known secret. Hopefully, Las Vegas Mob Museum will do a good job at embracing that history.

    One interesting fact about the LV MoB museum is that it's being built downtown in the United States Post Office and Federal Courthouse building, which was one of the sites of the televised Kefauver Committee hearings in the 50's
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    I know it's Sin City we're talking about but I'm not sure if a mob museum is the best idea for the city since It'll merely glorify Mobsters and gangster mentality. Still, the museum sounds very appealing and I’d definitely go next time I visit Vegas! Hopefully there will be some lesson learned after the visit…
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    facts about Las Vegas Mob Museum

    The Museum has acquired one of the most iconic artifacts in mob history – the brick wall from the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Also, the Mob Museum will open on the 83rd anniversary of the infamous Massacre, considered one of the most significant dates in Mob history.
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    The museum also focuses on the lawmen, so it's not just one-sided.
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    Has anyone had a chance to go yet? Is it cool?
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    Vegas Mob Museum

    just visited it last week and i gotta tell you that i was amazed at how much there was to see and do inside the Mob Museum. I spent 3 hours inside and could have spent a longer because there are multiple levels and many fun interactive can even get to shoot weapons, which is all cool!

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