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    Las Vegas Night Clubs are on *almost* every Las Vegas Itinerary. Maybe not everyone will hit up the same clubs, maybe it's a Las Vegas Show that strikes your fancy but the Las Vegas Night Life is definitely a big tourist draw.

    Going to escape the day-to-day in Vegas is more than just a vacation. You'd think that Vegas was its own island and it may as well be with what they offer...

    For a good mix of ladies and gentlemen of Vegas I'd recommend Coyote Ugly . Easily appealing to the fellas, hot bartenders dance on the bar (you're not allowed to join them). The Though they don't have any live music, it's a jukebox playing a lot of rock. Also, Coyote Ugly Las Vegas does not serve anything but shots or beer. No mix drinks if you can't hang with the shots or get bitter beer face, then maybe hit up Tao.

    For those that love to party and love New York City clubs, then TAO Las Vegas is for you. It's modeled after the New York City version and brings the restaurant and nightclub together as one. Many of the youngest and hottest celebs party here. TAO Las Vegas can be found at the Venetian .

    Maybe you're a bit older and don't want to get caught up in the "young-ins" (hey, i understand)....go to the Playboy Club ! Who better to let you know you don't have to be young to get some hotties then Hef? Of course, if your wife/significant other would just rip your head off then take your crew over to the VooDoo Lounge at the Rio Las Vegas. OR! Mix at THE Hotel at Mandalay. Voodoo Lounge has a rooftop bar, great for views of the strip. And don't worry, they've got live music and a dance floor. For the Mix at THE Hotel at Mandalay , it's pretty upscale and, with that, it keeps the younger crowd away.

    For any crowd, Tryst is one that aims to please. Tryst calls the Wynn Las Vegas home, and with that, you can only expect the best! The Wynn Las Vegas is one of the most luxurious hotels on the Las Vegas Strip . Tryst is no different. The nightclub interior is decorated with intimate booth-style marble tables and velvet walls.

    So depending on what kind of party you're looking for, all of the Las Vegas Night Clubs definitely has the nightlife for everyone! The possibilities are endless and are always changing. As they say, What happens in Vegas....stays in Vegas! -- If you even remember after a night of partying.
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    Only wish I had more time to experience them all but will give some a try.
  3. everyann

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    How long you going to be in Vegas?
  4. Conti

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    Swrdy, talk to the locales when you get there to find out which clubs are the best. They'll know since they live there. Some places are hyped up and just end up being a tourist attraction.
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    For the most part I disagree with Conti on talking to the locals. Most locals don't frequent the strip unless they have friends in town or they work the scene. Depending on what your looking for there's not a bad place in Vegas. Some clubs have better nights than other and some nights a club just may be dead. Best advice is to hit several and get a taste for the different ones. Saturday night I went to Body English it was off the hook! afterward I went to Empire Ballroom at 3am it started filling up. Sunday I went to Tabu and about 1am the crowd started rolling in. The G/B ratio was 60/40. Girls dancing on the tables. A fun crowd..
  6. swrdy

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    Gonna be arriving in Vegas on 12th May and heading back out 17th so 5 nights to parteee!

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