Las Vegas Rollercoaster El Loco Roller Coaster

Discussion in 'Las Vegas shows' started by BenDestiller, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. BenDestiller

    BenDestiller New Member

    The Adventuredome at Circus Circus introduced not long ago the amazing - El Loco - thrill ride which is a cool 72-second ride boasting high-speed twists. A maximum of 24 people can ride a El loco at one time, which experiences a top speed of 45 miles per hour. A ride on El Loco is included in the Adventuredome’s premium all-day ride pass at a cost of $29.95 per ticket.
  2. Ultimatum22

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    El Loco roller coaster sounds like a winner unlike Rim Runner which it's replacing. It's only 72-seconds long but I guess the top speed of 45 mph makes it worth it.
  3. Boffinz

    Boffinz New Member

    I wish I had the chance to ride the El Loco roller coaster at the media day as The Jabbawockeez made a surprise visit. I'll be going though next month and cannot wait to ride it. I’ve never ridden a roller coaster like El Loco...Adventuredome hear I come!

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