1. Take-a-Bus-Nextime

    Take-a-Bus-Nextime New Member

    I stumbled on to this site. Some of you should know there is road construction on many roads around the strip. Try reading the LVRJ sometime instead of this crap.

    A few roads under construction are, Las Vegas Boulevard, Harmon, Koval, Paradise, Frank Sintra, Flamingo, and Paradise.

    Some of you are so worried about a taxi ride, I wonder if one cab ride would ruin your whole vacation. Please tell the Cabbie to use one of the above streets. It's only .50 per minute while the cab is sitting in gridlock. Tonight I had one of the KIAIDA in my taxi. 36.50 from McCarran to the Bellagio.

    My Kudos to websites like this one.

    KIAIDA = Know It All Internet Dmazz

    By the way ... The route was Paradise to Flamingo to the Bellagio.

    So if you are so worried about a Las Vegas Cabbie ripping you off...

    LVRJ March 15,

    LVRJ March 25

    LVRJ July 11
  2. yumakan2

    yumakan2 New Member

    We'll have a long flight on the plane from NYC in two weeks time, and we cant wait already to arrive in Vegas to party. We've never been to Vegas before so Im wondering about taxis in Vegas since I know taxis in NY are always looking to get every cent on you! Do you have any advice about Las Vegas taxis and how to avoid getting ripped off?
  3. Jenna

    Jenna Moderator

    long-hauling taxis in Vegas

    The thing you do have to watch for is what is called "long hauling". It usually happens coming from and going to the airport and the taxi driver taking you the long way (usually thru the tunnel). Don't ever agree to go thru the tunnel, it adds at least $13 to the ride. If they take the tunnel without asking you, don't say a word. When you get to your hotel, tell the driver you won't pay that much. Tell him you will pay $20 less than what the meter says. If he argues, the telephone number to the Taxi Authority is on his permit and on another sign in the cab. He knows that if the TA shows up, he gets a hefty ticket and gets less off the meter. They will usually agree to whatever you offer at that point. This way you save some money and it makes him pay the difference
  4. K.john

    K.john New Member

    Vegas taxi drivers

    It's not supposed to cost more than $15 max to take a taxi 3 miles from the airport in Las Vegas! Jenna's advice is right..do take the driver's licence and taxi number. Also, unless you're staying on Fremont Street or West/ East from the Strip, if you need to catch a taxi back to the airport tell the driver to take the Tropicana route..it's proven to be the quickest and cheapest way...;)

  5. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    Thank you for this advice. I am such a sucker when I'm out of town, and I'm pretty sure the cabbies know it. It's good to plan ahead and get some advice. Yay D360 readers!
  6. nogalsaloud

    nogalsaloud New Member

    Las Vegas airport shuttles

    if you plan to book an all-inclusive package you might as well include an airport shuttle to your hotel in the package. There are several shuttle companies that operate from McCarren International Airport to the Las Vegas strip, downtown Las Vegas, Boulder Highway and the surrounding hotels. The fee for Las Vegas Strip hotels: $8.00; Downtown hotels: $10.00; and off strip hotels: $13.50
  7. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    That's not too bad of a price for a shuttle. It's nice to have the prices set in advance, too. Can you make reservations for these shuttles or do you just find one at the airport and step aboard?
  8. myculture

    myculture New Member

    Las Vegas Taxis facts

    so you know...tipping to taxi drivers in Las Vegas is optional and not required, though if you want to tip you don't have to tip more $5. Another thing most people don't know is that it is a crime to enter a Las Vegas taxicab without sufficient funds to pay the fare, even if you get money at the end of the ride. If you do not tell your driver and he does not agree, you'll be committing a crime believe it or not.
  9. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    That's just bad taste to take a cab if you can't pay for it, so I can see why it's a crime. Do they take plastic in their cabs or is it still cash only?
  10. herface67

    herface67 New Member

    Las Vegas Taxi rip-offs are common

    you would think most people would know by now about this...most airport taxi drivers always rip you off. If you think about it, it makes sense. McCarran Airport is no different and taxi drivers are required to ask you first if they can take the tunnel; if they don't, chances are good they're long-hauling you.
  11. dundepine2

    dundepine2 New Member

    Las Vegas Taxis scams

    Vegas isn't called the sin city for no reason..why is people surprise about taxi scams? That's why I don't use credit card to pay...if you use a credit card some cabbies may say your card doesn't work so you would have to pay cash(, only to find out later a charge showing up on your credit card bill.

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