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Discussion in 'Las Vegas Weddings' started by d360, Oct 29, 2008.

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    Here's a unique idea for you Las Vegas Wedding. Imagine taking a helicopter to the Grand Canyon or the Valley of Fire and have your wedding on location. It sounds incredible.. take a look atLas Vegas Helicopter Weddings.
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    I hope more people post on this cousin is getting married soon and I want him to come out to Vegas, but I need to get some good ideas over to him. He is not into the drive thru or elvis....he wants a nice wedding without and jokes or crazy themes. He wants an upscale wedding not the usual Vegas wedding. Any ideas are appreciated.
  3. That seems to be a bigger trend now in Las Vegas, having a bigger more luxurious wedding. I personally love the Bali Hai Golf Club. It is hidden on the strip, absolutely beautiful, and not a lot of out-of-towners know about it.
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    Wow that would be awesome. My budget doesn't allow for that, so let me know how it turns out. I'll live carelessly thru you. hehe.

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