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Discussion in 'Cruises' started by amherstisland, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. amherstisland

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    Many times I have seen advertisements for last minute deals for cruises (and other trips) around the world. I have always been interested, however, I am wondering if they are worth the savings or if there are any pitfalls to these deals.

  2. miss travel

    miss travel New Member

    yes you can get some great deals
    go to this site and it will explane how cruise ships
    want to run there ships full of people, so they
    offer great deals..

    I hope this helps..
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  3. d360

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    Many times there is unused inventory on a cruiseship or tour and rather than a supplier having empty space there will discount it just to fill the space. If they are already going then it doesn't cost much more to add a couple bodies.

    I would always recommend using a reputable supplier.

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