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Discussion in 'Portugal' started by ruizvs, Jan 17, 2013.

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    I am looking at late minute deals to Portugal and I am seeing several decent deals to Albufeira for late January. My question is as follows: what's the weather like in the Algarve this time of year? What about tourist attractions, bars, shops..are they open and busy?

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    hey Ruiz, the algarve region is the warmest part of Portugal, though in winter it's not as hot. It's a lot warmer than norther europe for sure but the maximum temperatures you can expect in late january is 19C, which is warm enough for a nice tan. As far as Albufeira, it's nice but in January is pretty dead and many of the tourist bars are closed at this time of year. To be quite honest, you won't find a lot to do in terms of tourist activities apart from sunbathing on the beach...
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    average temperature in Algarve

    the algarve region of Portugal can be very nice here in January but there's always the possibility of rains, though you can guarantee that it'll be warm for sure. The average temperature in the daytime is normally in the high 50's F, which is nice and pleasant. However, the minute the sun goes down it gets a bit chilly so you will need a jumper. I quite enjoy visiting Portugal this time of year (off-season) because I hate tourist crowds with a passion;)
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    portugal in march/april

    The Algarve is always the warmest part of Portugal and best expedienced during the off season because summer's mass tourism really spoils the region. Saying this, you won't find hot temperatures in the Algarve right now or anywhere in Europe until July-August, though even then, for a hot vacation I prefer southern Spain, Greece or Turkey.

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