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    I`m planning to visit Tikal while in Guatemala, probably the end of March. My thoughts are to plan independently as much as possible and avoid organized tours. is that a good idea? i really do not like doing tours. Is Tikal one of those places where you really have to book a tour? If so, early morning or late afternnon, which will be best?
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    tips for Tikal

    for sure you dont have to book an organized tour. I also dont like tours myself, mainly because you're kinda restricted with everybody else. Having said this, if you do plan to take the solo route, you will need to plan ahead of time and book a ride to get there (you can hire a private driver for around $60 for the day). Also, do as much research on the site before you go and visit Tikal early in the morning (at sunrise). As far as park fees at Tikal: entrance fee is around $25 plus $13 if you want to stay in the park.
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    much more to Guatemala than Tikal

    dont mean to knock Tikal down because it's great but there are other great attractions in Guatemala worthy of visiting aside from El Tikal. For example, the northern part of Guatemal has several interesting archeological sites such as El Mirador and El Tigre National Park where you can take a tour to visit the archeological sites along the La Pasion river.
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    Tikal is an experience of a lifetime

    you dont really need a guide if you do your research in advance. One day is not enough to see everything on this site. It's true that you will need at least two days on the site to explore it all and enjoy the surrounding rainforest, which is a must. You'll get to hear the spider monkeys and jaguars fight as your walking through the jungle, which is its scary but exciting.

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