Laughlin or Las Vegas?

Discussion in 'Nevada' started by Delorios, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. Delorios

    Delorios New Member

    If you have been to Las Vegas many times and are looking for a different place to stay in Nevada, I suggest Laughlin. Most people that visit Laughlin are in their 50's.

    That's mainly because there is not much in the way of night life but I really wouldn't care what age group you are if you are looking for a laid back place. It's true you will not see much glitz or glamour there, but at least you will benefit from great hotel stays such as at the Harrah’s Laughlin.
  2. Flunkliks

    Flunkliks New Member

    It's not really a fair comparison...comparing Laughlin and Las Vegas it's like comparing peaches and tomatoes, though it's true Laughlin is the opposite to Vegas in terms of vibe, hotels and dining prices. If you've never been to Vegas, I would make Vegas the place to go first;)
  3. DaneDegale

    DaneDegale New Member

    Laughlin over Vegas anytime

    if you dont gamble and just want to shop, enjoy a spa, jetsking, go for a drink or a lowkey dinner, I'd say go to Laughlin. Vegas does have the overall environment for a fun night out but you'll feel ripped off plus hotel suits cost a min of $300$ a night
  4. paulmartinez

    paulmartinez New Member

    I agree with you

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