layover in Portland International Airport

Discussion in 'Oregon' started by donOmarS, Apr 10, 2013.

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    if you're having a long layover stop at Portland airport I suggest the following to keep you occupied: visit the OMSI, Powell's Book Store, Portland Art Museum, the food cart pods, Timbers soccer, Oregon zoo, and the rose gardens in Washington Park. If it's sunny outside, I suggest to be outdoors as much as possible and sticking to exploring the pearl district by foot.
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    Defintiley try to keep it outdoors...there's nothing better to beat jetlag than going out for a bit of fresh air. As the last poster said, head downtown to The Pearl and have a nice pizza meal at Piazza Italia, and then hop on the streetcar back to the airport.
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    what to do in layover in Portland International Airport

    Yes, hop on the MAX train to see the downtown area if you only have a couple of hours layover. If it's 24 hours, I suggest renting a car and heading out the Columbia River Gorge to see the waterfalls and the great scenery. Trust me, the trip there alone will make your layover stop in Portland memorable;)

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