LCA airport to Ayia Napa taxi ride

Discussion in 'Cyprus' started by wayneroonet, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. wayneroonet

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    A taxi ride from LCA airport to Ayia Napa will cost you around €60, which is almost feels like a rip off given the fact that Ayia Napa is only 40 mins away from LCA airport. I suggest that you use a bus transfer instead. I know it won't be as convenient but you will save easily 20-30 euros, which can go towards other things.
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    Larnaca Airport to Ayia Napa taxi transfers

    Here it's the list of taxi prices prices for this summer 2014:

    4 seater taxi €49 each way
    6 seater taxi €65 each way
    8 seater taxi €85 each way
    14 seater minibus €95 each way
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    Re: LCA airport to Ayia Napa by bus

    Sounds like a rip off..I paid about 2 euros from Larnaca Airport to Ayia Napa by bus. The only thing is that you have to walk out of the airport to get to the actual bus stop, which can be annoying but there are signs guiding you to the bus stop so it's no biggie.

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