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Discussion in 'Utah' started by SmithKL, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. SmithKL

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    Off-roading and snowmobiling are both huge in Utah. if you'd like to learn the safety basics without having to hire an expert, you can easily take up an online courses thru Utah State Parks, who offer these type of educational courses for around $30. The great thing about taking one of these courses is that upon successful completion, you get a certificate that will allow you how to operate an off-road vehicle or snowmobile without a driver's license.
  2. vuional

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    That's good advice, though you can quickly learn the basics by booking an ATV tour and having one of the guides show how it's done. I recommend going with Utah Off-Road Outfitters at 1450 South Sandhill Drive. But whichever you go with, makes sure you go to the Coral Pink Dunes because it boasts impressive dunes for sandboarding and beautiful scenery to be seen.

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    An online course isn't really the best way to learn how to use an ATV. Like the last poster mentioned, if you book an ATV tour, the guide will show you the basics, which is the best way to learn. ATV's aren't difficult to ride but the clutch takes a while getting used to. It's like riding on a motorcycle, only you don't have to drag your feet on the clutch.


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