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Discussion in 'Sweden' started by khatrineluz, Feb 12, 2009.

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    Hello! Next year my sister would like to do something completely different. She have to go abroad for a studies for at least 5 month’s. She was thinking about a destination and now she know where to go: Sweden! Maybe you wonder why she want to go there but the fact is that she love cold weather and apparently Sweden is beautiful. The course she will be following there is in English, but she hope to learn some Swedish as well. She already learned something: ‘studera utomlands’! This means something like ‘studying abroad’. Can anyone tell if it is a difficult language to learn? Thanks guys!
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    Hi there,

    Some people say that the grammar is hard to get used to and that it is easier for Germans to learn Swedish as both are Germanic languages.

    It is easier for Swedish people to speak English and almost everyone speaks fluid English in Sweden.

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    I have been in sweden for 4 yrs and most of the people speak english in sweden ,but its good that she is learning swedish,its not that difficult to learn swedish and yes its a beautiful country and people are very friendly.

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    learning the Swedish language is not too bad- just relax get a few CDs and listen

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