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    As well as the nature is so beautiful. Bali also has wista budya that can introduce Balinese culture what it is. Cultural Tourism Bali no less interesting to the natural attractions of Bali. Bali cultural tourism able to attract local and foreign tourists visiting. Balinese culture very populer is Pura.

    Pura is a building used for worship. Lots of temple building standing majestically on seruluh area of Bali. But of the many temples in Bali there are only a few temples that have the potential as a tourist destination interesting cultures. If you do not know what the cultural tourism in Bali is interesting, then we will share a bit on you.

    This is the name - the name of cultural tourism of Bali in Indonesia. travel:

    1. Pura Luhur Uluwatu

    Uluwatu temple travel noble name may be familiar in your ear. Temple is popular among tourists is one of the cultural attractions that you must visit. The advantages of this tour is a building built on a high cliff. Truly amazing sights that are served by these tourist sites. Pura sublime uluwuatu as well as a place to introduce what the real Bali culture. If you visit this site, we hope you bring a camera because the scenery in this tour is very interesting.

    2. Pura Tanah Lot

    The second is cultural tourism Tanh Lot temple. Surely you are also familiar with the Pura Tanah Lot. Wista culture that introduces what Balinese culture has a charm that should not be dilewatan. Which became the main attraction of this temple is, the temple located on top of a large rock. You can visit the temple land lots if the sea is receding, but you can not climb to the top of the temple if the sea state was high tide.

    Well, that's a brief review of the cultural tourism in the island of Bali. Two temples above can make reference when it comes to the island of Bali.

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