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Discussion in 'Lebanon' started by diegoo, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. diegoo

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    hi guys, we intend to tour Lebanon as much as possible when we get there and we mainly want to see the temples and roman ruins there..can we get some suggestions of the main ones?

  2. Ruby

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    hi there,

    Baalbek is a great start for your tour and has plenty of temples and ruins.

    - The Bacchus temple is one of the best preserved Roman temples and has rich Corinthian ornaments.

    - The ante-cella temple is also ornamented with two rows of niches inside which statues once stood.

    - The Goddess and lion head also in Baalbek are Roman ruins which signify 'the gift of life' and 'strength and power' in the case of the lion head.

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