Liberia Airport to Playa Hermosa

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    Just giving heads up...if you plan to travel to Costa Rica and travel from Liberia Airport to Playa Hermosa you can now do this route direct in 30 mins from the airport. Before you had to take a public bus into the city and then switch to another bus to Playa Hermosa which took over an hour. The bus going direct to Playa Hermosa is located at the airport, though the actual bus stop is on the highway - Rt 21 - that runs in front of the airport (it's about a mile from the terminal).
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    transportation from liberia airport to playa hermosa

    Airport shuttles also go directly with no stops along the way unless you request one to your driver. I prefer them to taxis because most taxis won't go to many areas and also because shuttles allow excess/oversized luggage.
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    I took a taxi to Villas Sol and that cost about $25. Be sure to take a taxi that has a yellow triangle on it as they are the official registered cabs. If you are staying in a hotel, transportation is most likely included. Worth checking this out.
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    Most transports can be a bit shady because they may be linked to time share ventures or tour operators.
    If you want reliable and guaranteed good service try searching for LAR Transportes.

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