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    When I visited Belgium after high school, I stayed with a family in Liege as part of the exchange program. I remember how beautiful the city had a great square, nice river views and a grand cathedral. Liege also has an interesting history with connections to the British, French, Dutch and Walloons.
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    staying in Liege

    Liege is a pleasant little town but not much there for tourists to do besides seeing the river gorges near Liege or visiting a spa health resort. Overall, you can't compare Liege with the likes of Brussels and Bruges which have lots of attractions. I'd suggest a short train trip to Maastricht Holland to see a very nice Dutch city or hop on train to Brussels or Luxembourg if you aren't planning on using car rental.
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    Liege has the best Belgian fries

    if you go to Liege don't miss sampling for 'friture' (Belgian fries) you will find one in mostly every street, it can be an open window or a wagon at the streetcorner. Dont eat it with ketchup but with mayonaise and buy it as takeway food in a paper bag. That is 'the best Belgian Frit' you will ever taste. I hope you will enjoy it.

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