life-long dream to dive the Great Blue Hole

Discussion in 'Belize' started by travelm12, May 12, 2011.

  1. travelm12

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    hey guys, one of my life-long dreams is to dive the Great Blue Hole, though some people say that the experience is like eating marmite. is this true? any-ho, can you tell me how to get there, how much it cost, and what a typical itinerary is with the diving operators?

  2. Danny

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    Not sure the Blue Hole tastes like marmite, though I can tell you that after diving it, you will found it absolutely amazing!

    To get to the Blue Hole, you will need to book a trip with a diving operator such as Aqua Dives Belize, which is one of the cheapest operators around.

    A typical trip to the Blue Hole costs around $200 and includes the boat trip out there, breakfast, lunch, drinking water, 3 tanks and weight belts.

    You normally start out at 6am, and make a 3-hour boat ride from Ambergris Caye to Lighthouse Reef. After a total of three dives, they get you back at around 6pm.

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