Lindblad Expeditions has acquired the Via Australis

Discussion in 'Ecuador' started by 3april, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. 3april

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    if you plan to visit the Galapagos islands you should know that Lindblad Expeditions has acquired the Via Australis, which used to cruise southern Patagonia with the Australis line. Lindblad will actually refurbish the ship before relaunching it, and they will also rename it, of course.
  2. Number99

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    The Via Australis will be renamed bearing the National Geographic name and will have a fleet of Zodiacs and sea kayaks to move guests easily into remote areas. They will also add a fully equipped fitness room and a wellness spa.
  3. wanderer

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    Lindblad is a big name in tours, so I am not surprised that they have money to acquire the new line. They've partnered with National Geographic to give these tours. Their fleet now includes the National Geographic Endeavour, National Geographic Islander, National Geographic Sea Bird, National Geographic Sea Lion, and the National Geographic Explorer. They work with educators, experts in sea mammals, and scientists to make these trips something special.

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