Lingerie Bowl in Las Vegas

Discussion in 'Other Las Vegas Topics' started by mitraveler, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    During the Super Bowl halftime, you can flip the channel to see the Lingerie Bowl...or you can make it to Las Vegas to see the show in person. It's coming to Orleans Arena in Las Vegas on Feb. 5.
  2. lobalsdf

    lobalsdf New Member

    LFL in Las Vegas

    hot women hitting each other? are they serious? I dont see how this is going to attract a throng of fans (male) in any city...though saying this, I know plenty of women who would love to see other women bush each other out (lol)..
  3. morningdatr

    morningdatr New Member

    Vegas Super Bowl party

    I hope the girls can actually play the game..Imagine some of the girls going out there and embarrassing themselves because they can’t catch a ball and they can’t throw a ball while they're getting the daylights hit out of them.
  4. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    I think there is some actual football going on. I was flipping by MTV2 the other day and they had a game. It seemed a little silly to me, but I'm not in the target audience.
  5. NokkoValev

    NokkoValev New Member

    Is lingerie football considered a sport? You least 99 percent of the men who attended and watched the game seem to agree. Hey, then again, it's Vegas..if you can bet on it it's a sport right?
  6. ferrisBrueler

    ferrisBrueler New Member

    men as cheerleaders?

    i agree this whole farce is aimed at typical guys...not me though, I like amusing stuff and sports but this is just a joke...lingerie bowl? not in my town Mitch Mortaza! The strange thing though since it's women why is it they don't have men as cheerleaders?
  7. lappyHolmes

    lappyHolmes New Member

    women Super Bowl

    I'd say who needs the men when women Super Bowl is much, much, much better! However, how are women supposed to be taken seriously in the sport if they have to play in their lingerie? I for one have never seen men playing in their boxers, have you?!

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