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    We're looking at enjoying a nice week long holiday in Linz..can you give us an idea of Linz attractions in the area? many thanks
  2. Ruby

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    Hi there,

    Some of the top attractions in Linz are as follows:

    - The Linz Castle, which once served as the seat for Emperor Friedrich III and his court. For a small fee you can tour it and admire its medieval art collection.

    - St. Martin's Church, which is definitely one of the older Linz attractions. It was first documented way back in 799, and was built under the order of Charlemagne.

    - St. Mary's Cathedral, which is the largest church in Austria. It is a most beautiful edifice, crafted in French High Gothic style.

    - The Linz Austria Brucknerhaus concert hall is an excellent place to take in a classical music performance, which is one of the more authentic things to do in Linz.

    - The Botanical Gardens in Linz are generally considered to be among the best in Europe, and there are no less than 10,000 types of flowers and plants on display there.
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    Botanical Gardens,
    River Danube / Cruises,
    Pöstlingbergbahn / Pöstlingberg Tram (Funicular Railway,
    Linz Zoo
    these are amazing and beautiful attractions in Linz
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    must see in Linz

    if you only have a few days in Linz, I would suggest not to miss the Ars electronica center. It's a museum but it has lots of activities for older children and 3D theater that really gives the feeling of being immersed in the movie. If you can, also try to visit the Ars at night to see the neon-coloured lights.

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