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Discussion in 'Portugal' started by Goober, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. Goober

    Goober New Member

    hi all,

    We're traveling to Portugal and I would some suggestions? Any suggestions on things to see in Lisbon?

    Thanks guys
  2. VacationBuddy

    VacationBuddy Administrator

    Hi Goober,

    Lisbon is definitely one of the most beautiful parts of Portugal specially during the summer. A must see attraction in Lisbon is its many museums such as the Gulbenkian Museum, Berardo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and the National Azulejo Museum.

    June is probably one of the best times to enjoy Lisbon as it is a festive month when locals celebrate their saints and the streets and quarters become alive. A famous quarter worth visiting is the Alfama which is one the oldest part of Portugal.

    A trip to Lisbon would not be complete without visiting the Tagus River where there are so many historical monuments to see such as the Torre de Belem and the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos.

    Hope this helps
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  3. andytravelling

    andytravelling New Member

    Just go!
    Lisbon is have everything you need to enjoy your vacations!

    Just a few ideas:
    - visit the coast, Cascais and Costa da Caparica have incredible beaches
    - Bairro Alto is a really good place to spend the night in Lisbon
    - Take a walk in Alfama...really good during the sunset
    - Cross the river by boat and have a fish dinner
    - Find some nice place to listen at live jazz
  4. AgnesRiley

    AgnesRiley New Member

    Other ideas for Lisbon:

    - Palace of Ajuda (which is unfinished to this day)
    - Walk around in Baixa, which has great atmosphere as well as some really nice shops.
    - Visit the castle, it's totally worth the price of admission. You'll get a beautiful view of the whole city, you can see how it spreads over several hills, intersected by the big avenues.
    - Pastéis de Belém, in Belém. They sell the most awesome custard tarts in existence!

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