List of Las Vegas Shows:

Discussion in 'Las Vegas shows' started by bugger, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. bugger

    bugger New Member

    Here's a list of the current Las Vegas Shows

    I'd like to hear any recommendations you all may have on the best shows.
  2. everyann

    everyann Guest

    Hi Bugger,

    Personally, I've seen the V-Ultimate Variety show at the Aladdin. You really do get a bang for your buck. I didn't have the best seats in the house and I still enjoyed the show.

    There's everything from comedy to acrobatics. I would recommend this show for anyone wanting to see more than just one genre or just enjoy a bit of everything. It's a great show for families as well. There were many kids in the audience, they didn't enjoy the comedian too much but loved the acrobatics and juggling.
  3. VegasEd

    VegasEd Guest

    Huge Cirque fan for many reasons...friends with their publicist....friends with many of the performers....get to go to all the red carpet opening parties complete with million dollar parties....but most of all because each one is unique on its own, mezmorizingly beautiful and definitively "Cirque"..pure quality entertainment at the pinnacle of the shows INVEGAS...

    Speaking of shows, I have a pair of tickets for the Larry G. Jones variety/impression/comedy show I would like to give away. I will give them away to a random reader on August 25. Email me at:

    By the way, both Larry G. Jones and the new Cirque du Soleil Beatles show,
    (at the Mirage) need to be added to the list!

  4. joe

    joe Guest

    Hey VE,

    Do you know what's going on with the Amazing Johnathon? He's a comedian/magician who works out of the Sahara, I believe. I remember seeing a special of his on Comedy Central years ago and thought it was hilarious, but I haven't seen him or heard about him at all since (aside from a few not very funny moments on "The Aristocrats"). Just wondering if he still packs them in, if he ever *did* pack them in, or if he's hanging on by a thread. Or if you've even heard of the guy!

  5. VegasEd

    VegasEd Guest

    Of course, I have heard of him, I am VegasEd! (lol)...and you forgot the "!" (just messing with ya)

    The Amazing Jonathan is still at the Sahara. I am not sure if he packs them in nightly but I do know he has a good following due to his raw character, unique show with an edge and delivery...his face can still be seen around town on billboards/cabs and signs....not sure if that answers your question, but I hope it helps..


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  7. d360

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