list of tour operators in North Korea

Discussion in 'North Korea' started by quadrant-k12, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. quadrant-k12

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    For those of you looking to travel to North Korea, here it's a list of North Korean tour operator. They're mostly similarly priced thought the higher priced tour operators in North Korea offer more options:

    KTG Travel

    Koyro Tours

    Explore North Korea

    Korea Konsult

    North Korea 1 on 1

    Young Pioneers

    Lupine Travel


    Korean Friendship Association

    Global Exchange

    GOnSEE Korea
  2. wayneroonet

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    North Korea Travel is one of the most popular companies but based solely on price, Young Pioneer Tours is probably the cheapest tour operator out there. Mind you, for those who never been there most tours require 50% deposit upfront and you pay the other half in cash before collecting your visa.
  3. Ultimatum22

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    Im planning to visit North Korea when traveling to China next year. I understand the only way into North Korea is thru Beijing and tour groups in China handle the travel papers from there. My worry is that when I travel to North Korea and come back to the US and tell them I've been there that I may have issues? Would I be interrogated by the US border control or sent to a holding room or cavity search? What are your experiences?

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