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Discussion in 'Austria' started by charlottewilliams88, Mar 15, 2010.

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    I am from USA and I am thinking about going to graz to study, on the summer semester of 2011. for that, i wanted to know a few things:

    1) Is Graz dangerous to live, considering i am going alone and I am 20?

    2) Are people nice over there?

    3) Is Graz a nice place to live and inexpensive?

    4) I do not speak german at all, although i am thinking about learning the language. However, i will not speak very well. Do you think that is a problem?

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    hi there,

    Graz is a very safe city and apart from pickpockets that operate around the train station and airport, you have nothing to worry about.

    You can go anywhere in Graz after dark as the bar and restaurant areas are well-lit and policed but I'd suggest not going out on your own.

    Keep your valuables out of sight and don't flaunt cash around and you'll have a great time there as people are friendly and nice.

    Hope this helps
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    No guy graze is not a dangerous place because my friend has live and they tell me if someone wants to do study there so its better because study environment so well comparison to other states .If you think language problem has come in further time so you are totally wrong because its not necessary

    All the best

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