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Discussion in 'Costa Rica' started by walworldII, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. walworldII

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    I traveled to Costa Rica on vacation a few times and every time I go there I love the place more and more. I was wondering what it would be like to live there or somewhere else in Central America. Has anyone made the jump to relocate to Costa Rica? What other locations in CA would you recommend? (I am open to any and all suggestions). Looking forward to your suggestions!
  2. Geropaskj

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    I have been to several places in Central America like Guatemala and Nicaragua and Costa Rica and I agree that Central America is a fascinating place to travel. As far as, as relocating/ living there I wouldnt know since I haven't made that move. However, one thing I can say about relocating to another country is over expectations and disappointments because vacation vs relocation always feels different. Good luck!
  3. lamisil

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    relocating to Central America

    I couldn't agree more with what the last poster said...after traveling through many countries in Central America , the impression I always get is that many of them are awesome places to vacation with family, friends, etc, However, the living part could be a different story and you will only know once you are. Have you thought about giving it a trial run? may go there for 3-4 months and see for yourself;)
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    Not so true, you speak English...if you take a place like Roatan in Honduras. the majority of people living there consists of American and Canadian ex-pats so english has become the main language there. Costa Rica is another spot with a huge expat population.

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