London Bridge is here to stay

Discussion in 'Arizona' started by wanderer, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. wanderer

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    A recent news story made a splash that said that Lake Havasu's London Bridge was cracking and ready to come down to prevent the drug trade. That did not make the mayor of Lake Havasu really happy. He says that the bridge is fine and here to stay. He wanted the readers of the British tabloid to know that they're welcome any time to Arizona's own London Bridge.
  2. Delight6-0

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    Arizona town is not happy one bit and to add to injury the Associated Press also misspelled the last name of the founder of Lake Havasu City and his grandson, which is McCullouch, not McCullough. I don't understand why they would say Lake Havasu London Bridge is falling when is not. I know british newspapers sensationalize everything but this goes too far if it's not true.
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    I walked on the London Bridge six times now and I would say that the London Bridge is the highlight of a trip to Lake Havasu City. Surrounding the London Bridge is a themed English Village as well as resorts, bars, restaurants, and some stores. The main parking lot for London Bridge is the English Shops parking lot which is a close walk to I-Hop and In N Out. By the way, keep in mind July and August are hot months, so if walking, make sure you have plenty of water.

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