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Discussion in 'UK' started by DavieBrown, Jun 4, 2018.

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    I would like to book the big bus tour of London for 4 of us, and what are the places / attractions covered in this tour. Is it include entrance to the attractions? Do they stop in front of Buckingham Palace? Any ideas or experiences? Please share.
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    The double decker bus tour is the best way to explore the attractions of London, and many of the London bus tours are included in the London Pass, so you can buy city pass too. The Bus tour covers many attractions including London Eye, Waterloo, Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London. Yes, the ticket includes entrance to many attractions, not all. You can visit Buckingham Palace during its opening period only. I think only 2 months in a year. If you go in Summer, then the ticket also include afternoon tea at Buckingham Palace, special tours and entry to other attractions of London.
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    I think Oyster card is the best & cheapest way to explore all attractions of London. You can travel in the bus, tram, DLR, Tube, and the most national rail services By using this Oyster card. The London Pass is also one of the best ways to get around London, and this pass gets you in free to more than 80 top attractions of London including sights, museums and attractions. London pass has great options with 1, 2, 3, 6 or 10 days pass. You can choose which ever you want.
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    You can also book the London full day tour with the London Eye with just £120 for adults and £110 for children. The duration is 8.5 hours and it covers the most famous attractions including St Paul's Cathedral, The Tower of London, Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, Thames River Trip and Flight on the London Eye. I think better purchase the London Eye ticket and explore the beauty of London.

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