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  1. Rohitpatel

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    If you visit London be sure to go to Neal's Yard, Neal Street and Covent Garden.

    Neal Street is great for shops and restaurants, and has a distincly Bohemian feel.

    Neal's Yard started out as an "alternative lifestyle" oriented group of small shops, including a bakery, created from the resurrection of an old yard.

    Covent Garden speaks for itself: there is a beautiful shopping centre where the old fruit and veg market used to be. The emphasis is on original items, rather than the usual high street chains, so you'll find a lot of things here that you would not get elsewhere.
  2. world trecker

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    Thanks! I'll be in London for about week in December. I'll try to check those out.
  3. GFluz

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    I went to London and found the best place to spend money is Camden town. The best place for shopping i have seen in my life!
  4. DancinMonkey

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    You should try out Greenwich Village too. There is both an indoor and outdoor market there on Sat/Sun, which a great atmosphere and pubs too. Of course you have Greenwich Park, and plenty of musuems too for the cultured ones amoungst you!
  5. gagan

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    London is a very beautiful and attractive destination not only in UK but all over the world... I agree with DancinMonkey who suggested for Greenwich Village not only greenwich is the place to visit but there are number of other destinations which are best. Apart from the destination London is good in accommodation

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