Long Stay in Amsterdam needed urgently

Discussion in 'Netherlands' started by pmilazzo, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. pmilazzo

    pmilazzo New Member

    I need two arrangements. 1 temporary stay (max 3 months from nov to jan included) and then one for at least one year.
    1 flat for 1 single eprson but as close to the centraal station or to Sloterdijk station as possible

    I should arrive in Amsterdam on nov 3rd.

    please help!

    thank you
  2. vdg23

    vdg23 New Member

    Hi, did you find a place, hope so. For me too, it was very hard to find a good place in Amsterdam. As soon as I arrived to Amsterdam, i was staying in a hotel and searching for a long term rental apartment to stay for about 6 months, but didn't find any. Atlast I found the 'bed and bike' house with the help of 2 local persons. There i got a room with both bed & bike. I have used the bathroom and kitchen for free. This 'Bed and Bike' is located in Bilderdijkpark 1- 3 hoog, 1052 RZ Amsterdam very close to the sloterdijk station and central station. Just take tram12 at sloterdijk station to reach this place. If you still looking for a good place, just contact them.

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