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Discussion in 'Luxembourg' started by andyroddick, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. andyroddick

    andyroddick New Member

    I am an American looking to travel to Luxembourg. Any info about the overall climate, people, economy, quality of life?
  2. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    Luxembourg is incredibly pretty, though small and dull in all honesty. It's also very expensive in Luxembourg..more so than Paris, London and NYC.

    Trust me, you can see the entire country in just 2 days, and that was taking my time so don't expect lots to see and do here.

    The people are friendly though, at least to us, and the quality of life there is very good, people are healthy and wealthy.
  3. karengirl 1988

    karengirl 1988 New Member

    I am longing for Luxembourg for quiet a long time, a country with story and beauty scenery!
  4. afee098

    afee098 New Member

    traveling to Luxembourg

    Yes, Luxembourg is a lovely city with beautiful old medieval buildings, good food, and great people. I suggest though going outside of the capital so you can visit the valley of the seven castles, which is fantastic and rather like stepping back in time.

    Of course, do spend time in Luxembourg City, though make sure you don't stay in the European quarter, cause there are only high buildings. If I were you I would stay in the historic part and anywhere down the fortress area.

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