Looking to visit some not-so-famous places in Germany

Discussion in 'Germany' started by shonal a, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. shonal a

    shonal a New Member

    Hey... I am planning a trip by the end of the year. And I am looking to try some not very sought after places, instead of Berlinf, frankfurt and all. Could anyone suggest me one?

    I got few in my mind... what about these: Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Weimar.....

    Would really appreciate few suggestions
  2. partofprocess22

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    non-touristy places in Germany

    my advice is to avoid Germany major cities and instead visit smaller towns, whic actually preserve best Germany's architectural heritage. See, many of Germany's major cities were bombed during the World Wars and are pretty much reconstructed. Places I suggest exploring are Köl, Quedlinburg, Münsterland, Wernigerode, Bayreuth, Dresden and Hannoversch Muenden.
  3. telepopMuzic

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    exploring Germany by car

    My suggestion would be Quedlinburg and Wernigerode in northern Germany. I think you will love walking the lovely towns of Wernigerode and Quedlinburg because of their lowkey appeal, cute timber buildings and castles. Saying this, there are dozens of smaller towns and off the beaten path places you can visit around the major cities of Germany. The area surrounding Dresden has lots of castles, palaces, natural sights and picturesque villages. Best to hire a care and explore yourself;)
  4. shonal a

    shonal a New Member

    Re: exploring Germany by car

    Thanks soo much for the suggestions. Even I have been thinking to visit smaller towns nistead of major cities... did a bit of research on Quedlinburg and Wernigerode. Seem to be fun. I also needed to get an idea on Stuttgart. I have heard good things... how's that for an option?
  5. shonal a

    shonal a New Member

    Thanks.. I have also been contemplating going to smaller towns. did a bit of research on Quedlinburg and Wernigerode. seem to be fun places, btw.. I also needed to get more info on Stuttgart. how is tht as an option
  6. mehakrain

    mehakrain New Member

    Bayreuth, Dresden and Hannoversch Muenden are great options... they are right up there in my places to visit list as well. But i would recommend visiting see Berlin as well.

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