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    hi guys,

    we're visiting in Louisville Kentucky for the first time....does anyone know of any Louisville Kentucky parks in the area which is dog-friendly and offers facilities for activities for kids?

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    hi there,

    The Tom Sawyer Park is located on 396 acres and features an Olympic-sized pool, tennis courts, and picnic areas.

    The Tom Sawyer State Park is also the perfect place to bring your dog for a walk, and there is a special two acre area designed specifically for small dogs that weigh less than thirty pounds.

    For kids, there is the BMX bike track at the Louisville Park. Even if you haven’t ridden a bike for years, head to the bike track during Labor Day weekend to watch the National BMX Championships. You can also see smaller Kentucky racing events during the summer.

    The bike track at Tom Sawyer Park is free and open to the public, although you will need some protective gear and have some sort of experience in riding BMX bikes to participate.

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