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    Who's been to Louisville lately? It's a rather great city...I visited last year at fair time and had a great visit. It's weird to see horses so close to the highway, but that's Kentucky for you. There are lots of cool things to do in Louisville, including tours of the Louisville Slugger museum/factory, riverboat cruises, and of course, the Kentucky Derby.

    What's your favorite?
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    Things to do in Louisville

    Louisville rocks! I love doing shopping in Louisville Shopping centers malls and boutique-type shops along Bardstown Rd in the highlands. Another thing worth doing in Loui is renting a segway to explore the downtown area and waterfront park. Oh yeah, not forgetting seeing Churchill Downs and taking a visit to the Ky Derby museum for some hands on activities.
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    what to visit in Louisville

    my favorite attraction in Louisville gotta be is the Mega Cavern. This attraction is so cool as you get to zip line along in the dark cavern rather than the usual tree tops. For history buffs, I recommend visiting the Frazier History Museum to learn about the Knights of the roundtable and see cool old armory and weapons. Also, at the moment the Frazier History Museum has a great exhibit dedicated to Princess Di.
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    KY as a vacation destination

    You can not miss exploring on foot the downtown part of Louisville as it is the oldest part of the city and boasts a lot of heritage. if you've never been to Kentucky before, Lousiville makes a great introduction to the state. The food in Louisville is also delicious and you gotta try the famous hot browns and mushroom caps. Oh, don't forget seeing the Louisville Bats play at the Louisville Slugger Field.

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