Lucerne does not have an airport

Discussion in 'Switzerland' started by travelman12, May 13, 2011.

  1. travelman12

    travelman12 New Member

    I just found out that Lucerne does not have an airport:( what's the nearest airport to Lucerne and how can get there..I mean is there bus connections or do i need to rent a car? please help
  2. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    Zurich International Airport is the best option by far. The airport train station is located under the International Terminal, and trains run to Lucerne throughout the day, but the best bet is to take a direct service from the airport to Lucerne.

    Ypou can also get direct to Lucerne from Zurich Airport by coach or take the regular service to Zurich Bus Station (every 10 minutes) and then take another service to Lucerne from there.

    Don't bother renting a car and don't take a taxi as they are way too expensive..good luck!
  3. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    I'm wondering how far Lucerne is from Zurich. I think I'll check now. It's only 23 miles or 28 KM, so that makes sense. It's kind of like JFK for New's just a little outside the main city center.

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