Luxembourg Card worth it?

Discussion in 'Luxembourg' started by haydays, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. haydays

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    Whether the Luxembourg card is worth it depends on how many days you plan to stay there. If you do purchase the Luxembourg Card what you get is free entry to museums and free transportation. Having said this, entry to museums and transportation there isn't all that expensive. With the card, entry to most museums is between 2 and 5 euro.The public transport offered on the card (free buses and trains for a day) costs 4 euro when bought separately.
  2. Bonnys

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    You get free access to more than 70 museums as well as free usage of train and buses on the national public transport network of the Grand-Duchy. You can buy the Luxembourg Card for 1,2 or 3 days for one person or a family (2-5 persons). I agree you will need a couple of days so it's best you get the 3 day pass which is 28 euros for single and 68 euros for family.
  3. retroutbambow

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    I fell in love with Luxembourg when I went last year, and the Luxembourg card is really a great deal because of the free attractions and free transportation. However, don't just get the Luxembourg card for the free transportation it's best you buy a bus/train one-day pass which cost me 5 euros then.

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