Luxury Gun Range in Las Vegas

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    Travelers who are looking for something new to add to a Las Vegas vacation itinerary may be interested in the latest addition to the city's already unusual collection of attractions.

    Machine Guns Vegas is scheduled to open in early 2012, and calling themselves the world's first luxury gun range, they match guests with a shooting host who will show them different shooting experiences. Guests can try a range of firearms, including World War II era guns and a .50-caliber Desert Eagle.

    It's definitely something unusual if you're looking for things to do in Las Vegas and want a break from the casinos. The luxury gun range in Las Vegas will be located a short drive from the Strip.
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    gun ranges in Las Vegas

    a luxury gun range..what would they think next? there are already a couple of gun ranges in Las Vegas like the Las Vegas Gun Range on Blue Diamond Rd. This place is great in the sense that you get to shoot semi-automatic weapons. The trainer stands next to you at all times and you get a good kick out of it.

    My only issue with this luxury gun range opening in 2012 is that it's gonna be pricey, and I don't think you will get as many guns and amo in Las Vegas Gun Range.
  3. supercharget

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    firing gun range in Las Vegas

    I'll be going to Las Vegas next month and the sound of firing all kinds of cool guns sounds interesting. Can someone tell where to find the gun ranges in Las Vegas? Is there more than one place to do it besides the nearly built Luxury Gun Range?
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    Luxury Gun Ranges in Las Vegas

    There is the Las Vegas Gun Range & Firearms at 4610 Blue Diamond Rd; the Gun Store at 2900 E Tropicana Avenue; and the American Gun Club at 3440 Arville St. All of these places charge the same prices around $50 to $60 for the gun rental and two clips of 25 rounds each. It's a real blast! You have a choice of guns such as Thompson 45, Uzi 9mm, M16 and others.
  5. senoritosF

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    a luxury gun range in vegas is the most ridiculous idea I've ever heard. There are already a few gun ranges in Vegas and building a luxury one is just insane...No matter how you dress it (luxurious, or dingy) this luxury gun range they're building in Vegas will be no different than the others besides the clientele.
  6. s4noss

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    Luxury gun range a bad idea

    is it just me or do you guys think that opening a luxury gun range is just going to encourage the use of more firearms? Maybe it's just me, but branding a gun range "luxury" when they'll be machine gun shooting ranges seems like a fundamentally bad idea.
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    You can shoot fully auto rifles at the "Gun Store" on tropicana ave. I heard they opened a new one west of the strip but I can't remember the name.

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