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Discussion in 'Macau' started by kikk, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. kikk

    kikk New Member

    hello everybody, I'm absolutely a food lover and really like to taste food from all over the world. whenever I visit any place, first of all i'll search for good restaurants especially sea food places, now I'm going to Macau by the end of August and wondering if there's any authentic macanese food restaurants, also suggest some "must try" Macanese food. Thank you in advance :)
  2. patriciamd

    patriciamd New Member

    Since you like seafood, you might as well try some Bacalhau dishes. I believe the food there was influenced by Chinese and Portuguese cuisine.
  3. kikk

    kikk New Member

    thanks Patric.

    .....oh! really, I like Bacalhau and i have tasted when I was in Brazil, they served this codfish dish with potatoes, yummmm! it was delicious. any other dish other than Bacalhau not to be missed while i'm in Macau .... other than sea food what Macanese food should I try... did u try some there ... suggest even some good Portuguese restaurants to try some spicy chicken.....

    thanks again...
  4. helloworldbea

    helloworldbea New Member

    There's the egg tart --- and, well I forgot what it's called, but it's sort of like fried pork rinds that are sweet/spicy at the same time.

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