macedonia airport to city center taxi fares

Discussion in 'Macedonia' started by 5more2go, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. 5more2go

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    if you plant to visit Macedonia I'd suggest watching out for rip-off taxis at the airport. A taxi fare from the airport to the city centre should not cost you more than 22 Euros. I heard of people paying 30 euros and upwards, which is a rip-off. Also, don't bother booking taxis thru your hotel because you'll get overcharged!
  2. fightnite

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    haha..i have "fond" (not) memories of arriving at at Murtala Muhammed airport...I don't know if this is till happening but basically when I arrived there from the USA, i was asked by this lady to produce a Yellow Fever Card, which of course, is not necessary for USA citizens. To cut the story short, I wasn't scammed because I knew this so walked out past her and nothing happened..
  3. berryberry

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    there were meant to put in operation a public bus from the airport to the city centre but nothing yet. Until then, I recommend pre-booking a taxi which should not cost you more than $25 (including toll fees).
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    Hello guys I wanted to ask if going to Macedonia from Portugal is expensive?
  5. d360

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    $200-$300 US and takes about 10hours. There's no nonstops.

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