Machu Picchu or Chichen Itza?

Discussion in 'Peru' started by wanderer, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. wanderer

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    If you've been to both places, what would you say? Which amazing cultural site should a first time visit would you say? Machu Picchu or Chichen Itza?
  2. fassoPP

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    Machu Picchu vs Chichen Itza

    that's a tough choice! Either one will be great to visit for the first time, however, im more incline to Chichen Itza because it's somewhat easier and cheaper to get to from the US. In fact, Chichen Itza isn't far at all from Cancun and guided tours are very inexpensive.
  3. d360

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    Machu Picchu by far but its a completely different trip in terms of time, cost, and experience.
  4. d360

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  5. wanderer

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    Sweet. I'm going to go watch that tour now. That was so cool. I t was just like I had climbed to the top of some Mayan ruins!

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