Mactan Island Aquarium in Cebu is it any good?

Discussion in 'Philippines' started by fishman, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. fishman

    fishman New Member

    Has anyone been to the new Aquarium in Cebu? I think it's like a smaller version of Manila Ocean Park. I saw it on ABSCBN and thinking to go there.

    They got a website you can find it on google and yahoo if you search mactan aquarium...
  2. VacationBuddy

    VacationBuddy Administrator

    Hi there,

    The Mactan Island Aquarium is located in Barangay Basak on the main highway around the Philippines.

    The Aquarium is a worthwhile visit and very good tourist attraction. They have all kind of fish such as seahorses, sharks, jellyfish, octopus and many more.

    The admission fee is very affordable and it is only 100 pesos for local residents. Also, the staff there is very friendly and the guided tour is very informative.

  3. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    Hi fishman, I had a Philippines vacation during last May with my family and visited both Ocean Park & Mactan Island aquarium. we really enjoyed the underwater tour of Philippines. The Mactan Island aquarium is similar to Manila Ocean Park, but little smaller. Visiting Ocena park & the Mactan Island aquarium is an exciting experience, we visited Ocean park first and came to Cebu. It's a fully guided tour and we got an opportuinity to see the angelfish, octopus, cowfish, shark, sea horses and cowfish with with horns. Even we touched the starfish, crab and other sea creatures with the help of our guide. You too get a chance and hope you will enjoy too. Cebu is the second largest city after Manila and offer many interesting places, so have a nice time at Cibu. And some other interesting places that you can visit during your Philippines vacation are Banaue Rice Terraces and the Boracay Island, best of luck!
  4. CebuFishTripper

    CebuFishTripper New Member

    It's good. I've visited the place sometime back, although it's been in the news that the aquarium has been temporarily closed due to a dispute with the building owners. Instead, the aquarium owners decided to move to a new and apparently "bigger and better" location in Bgy Maribago, still in Mactan Island. Hopefully they open in May before the school starts again. I miss the place actually, they have loads of fish in there, including Bruce and Jessie, their resident sharks.
  5. kring

    kring New Member

    Last summer 2008 I was able to visit the Manila Ocean Park...all I can say is that it was really awesome!
    You get to see the creatures you can only watch in the books and in the television...It was an experience I would surely never forget!

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