main road to Colosseum closed

Discussion in 'Italy' started by 6centers, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. 6centers

    6centers New Member

    The Mayor of Rome has recently closed the main road to Colosseum in order to protect the Colosseum from pollution and further ruin. For what Ive been hearing, this hasnt gone down well with the locals as they say it will just create more traffic chaos. Saying this, buses, taxis, bicycles and emergency vehicles will still be allowed in.
  2. BeltionEnzo

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    Yep, they want to turn the whole area into an archaeological park. they're basically gonna close most of the Fori Imperiali road but cars can still drive by the south-eastern part of the arena.

  3. Reaching44

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    if they're really concerned about air pollution, the italian government should implement a ban on gasoline cars and allow non-gasoline cars in. To simply cut the traffic to all is not gonna work out in the long run. I dont buy that banning cars will help preserve the Colosseum, which is falling to pieces.

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