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Discussion in 'Maine' started by teecee, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. teecee

    teecee New Member

    I hear the lobsters in Maine are the best! Can anyone recommend when's the best time to visit and enjoy them? Also, are the prices pretty decent at the restaurants?

    Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. kaci

    kaci Guest

    I was just in Maine in June, visiting with my boyfriend who grew up there in Bangor. You will find lobster for sale all year round, and fishermen in Maine are technically allowed to catch lobster all year. Most don't in the winter, though, and the best time to enjoy lobster is generally considered to be the summer. You may have heard of "soft shell" and "hard shell" lobsters. Soft shell lobsters have less meat and are caught earlier in the season. Since they have less meat, they are cheaper. Hard shell lobsters are more expensive and have more meat. There is an ongoing debate as to which type tastes better; I personally prefer soft shell and it is of course nice to pay less! So, as to when....summer will be the best time to get the tastiest, least expensive lobster.

    Where are you headed in Maine? Bar Harbor, which is near the famous Acadia National Park, is widely considered to be one of the best spots to get fresh lobster. You can get it in fancy restaurants there, as well as in most of the pubs and more wallet-friendly restaurants. You can also buy it and have it shipped back home on ice. Happy travels and enjoy the lobster!
  3. d360

    d360 Administrator

    I went to a surf and turf party last week my host bought 17 lobsters from this Lobster Company and had them shipped. I'm sure it was an expensive bill but what a party. Everyone loved the lobsters. Anyone had experience with mailorder lobsters? I was skeptical until seeing what they sent.
  4. teecee

    teecee New Member

    Interesting...were they cooked then sent? or frozen then sent?
  5. d360

    d360 Administrator

    No these Lobsters are packed and shipped alive and ready to cook.
  6. Suzy

    Suzy New Member

    I want to retire to Maine, every one tells me I am crazy because generally people want to retire to where I live in Florida, but I have always thought Maine to be a beautiful historical place. People I have spoken to and the pictures I have seen makes me just want to pack up and move there. The lobsters would be icing on the cake.
  7. marie

    marie New Member

    When we were in the Bar harbor area we had a great time at a local fundraising event. They had a lobater bake on the beach. For arounf $20 a person you got Lobster, clams, potatoes, corn on the cob, mussels, and fresh made desserts. It was great. The food was cooked in a pit on the beach, games were set up, we had fun and met tons of great people!
  8. everyann

    everyann Guest

    Really? Is this an all year round thing? Or when it is in season?
  9. Mallery

    Mallery New Member

    We went to a co-op near Damariscotta. They bring the lobster in off of the boat right there, and keep some that they steam fresh right there. You eat outside on picnic tables with a great view of the bay, BYOB and salads, etc.
  10. kspaulding

    kspaulding New Member

    I have lived in Maine all my life and there are tons of places to get lobster. Someone mentioned Bar Harbor. They have some really cool restaurants right outside Bar Harbor where they steam the lobsters outside in big brick steamers. Another really cool place is in Belfast. Belfast is right along the coast, like Bar Harbor. You can go to Young's Shellfish and you can pick the lobster's you want to eat. That is my favorite place to eat. Most of the restaurants in Maine serve some sort of lobster dish too. Some people don't like the work of picking apart a lobster. It's much more rewarding than picking apart a crab. Anyways, when you travel to Maine the Holiday Inn family is the way to go. I work at the Holiday Inn in Waterville. We are a great pet priendly place to stop on your way to or from Bar Harbor. We are centrally located in Maine just an hour north of Portland. Come check us out!! is our site, just add the www in front. Happy trails!!!
  11. amherstisland

    amherstisland New Member

    I would recommend Bar Harbor for the freshest most mouth watering lobster. Its one of the few things that still taste as good as when I was a kid.
  12. billma

    billma New Member

    hey guys, we're planning a trip to Maine this summer but we're not thinking of going to bar harbor...where else is best to buy live Maine lobster?
  13. Jenna

    Jenna Moderator

    Every time I visit Maine, I can't wait to get some delicious lobsters. The best live lobsters I've ever bought in Maine came from the Lobster Co-op, in Scarborough, Maine.

    As far as the best places to dine for fresh Maine lobster, I'd say Beach House Grill and Beach Plum Lobster Farm in Ogunquit and Alisson's Restaurant in Kennebunkport.

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