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Discussion in 'Alaska' started by westeast, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. westeast

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    If you are driving to Alaska or while in Alaska, I I wouldn't do it without using the Milepost to plan your trip. Milepost is super essential and very handy as it has very specific descriptions of every turn and point of interest along Alaska's highways (it is even more detailed than a AAA Triptik) Don't drive or hire a car in Alaska without first consulting the Milepost!
  2. enemygates

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    I too use “The Milepost†extensively to plan my mileage...the free catalogs on Alaska aren't really good enough. The Milepost has way more information like campgrounds, gas stations, etc
  3. YAY!

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    No matter how much planning you do if you drive to Alaska the wrong time, it won't work out! The busiest time to drive on the Alaska Highway is from late May to early September. But yes, I also second getting a copy of The Milepost.
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    Alaska Highway

    Be sure to be prepared when driving along the Alaska Highway in winter because this highway is about 1000 miles long and has very few motels, eating places, and attractions. In fact, don't expect much from this drive because most of you'll see is a snow covered peaks!

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