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  1. tomascarey

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    I hope someone can help me here...I have been a keen photographer for a few months now and I have just recently got the "bug" for virtual tours and panoramas. I was wondering about what kind of software package (and prices) I would need to get that would allow me to make virtual tours?
  2. Alienarehere

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    if you really want to make high quality 360 degree panoramas you will need fairly expensive equipment and and software, though since you're only starting out you could always try free trials such as Easy Pano, which is currently offering a download free trial of 360 degree panorama software. There are also panorama stitcher programs you can download such as "360 Panorama Professional" demo, which allows you to create easy virtual tours.
  3. deldeN

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    360° panoramas using a camera phone

    if you want to make virtual tours on the cheap, my tip is to use an ordinary digital camera and smart phone rather than investing thousands of pounds in expensive equipment. The best camera phone won't have the ability to catch great 360 degree panoramic photos but if you use a powerful solution like the Panorama Maker you can. This software allows you to do 360° panoramas fast with a common camera or mobile phones.
  4. gurum

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    360 panoramas are easy

    hey buddy, don't let anyone put you off virtual tours...360 panoramas are easier to make than you thought with an iPhone without the need of expensive equipment. You just need to get the techniques right and you will get high quality virtual tours easy!
  5. JMM

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    get the best exposure for yr 360

    A few tips that I learnt in all my years was to always remember to get the best camera exposure in my first shot. The way to get the best exposure is to aim the camera at the brightest point on a sunny day, or to aim the camera to the darkest point so it compensates and the rest of the 360 view is easier to see.

    Next, you need to move, which is very important if you want the images to blend together seamlessly. Also, if you're using your iPhone, be sure to keep it real close to you and right in front of your face for best results. Most people think that arm's length is the way to do it but it's not.

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